Jenn Soroka

Jenn has been a member of the EcoDNA team since April 2021, where she applies eDNA molecular techniques to biosecurity and surveillance of invasive pests, parasites, and pathogens. Her current involvement in the Hitchhiker Pest Project focuses on detection of single-species targets imported to
Australia via shipping containers.

Jenn started her career in behavioural neuroscience and neuroimmunology labs, primarily investigating the relationship between the immune system and neurological disorders in rodent models. However, she transitioned into ecology after moving from the USA to Australia in 2018 and has since worked in a variety of roles, including as a reptile animal technician and as a field ecologist.

In addition to a BSc in Biology, Jenn holds a Cert IV in Environmental Monitoring and Technology and a Cert III in Animal Studies. She’s conducted flora, fauna, and aquatic ecological surveys across the Canberra region and NSW. Jenn loves fieldwork, and has undertaken remote, multi-month field trips
including collecting eDNA water samples in the river systems of northern NSW and tracking Central Bearded Dragons across wildlife sanctuaries in Cunnamulla, QLD.


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