Dr. Alejandro Trujillo-González

Alejandro Trujillo-González has seven years of experience in parasite-host interactions, parasite ecology, molecular detection techniques and biosecurity. Originally from Cali, Colombia, Alejandro graduated from Los Andes University with a BSc in Biology in 2010, working with parasitic nematodes of mosquito larvae as potential biological controls of mosquito-borne diseases. He then completed a Graduate Diploma of Research Methods at James Cook University in 2013 and a Master of Philosophy in 2015 with research on the behaviour and histopathology of the ectoparasite Neobenedenia infecting barramundi. Alejandro recently completed his PhD at James Cook University on parasites infecting ornamental fish imported into Australia, examining the use of environmental DNA (eDNA) methods as viable detection tools for Australian biosecurity. Alejandro continues to explore the utility of eDNA-based molecular techniques in detecting invasive parasites and pathogens in wild ecosystems to accurately inform management and improve biosecurity protocols.