Dr. Foyez Shams

Foyez joined the EcoDNA team as a Research Fellow in 2021. Prior to joining the EcoDNA team at the University of Canberra, Foyez completed a Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) degree from the University of Canberra in 2021, focusing on the conservation and management of Australian native freshwater fishes Golden perch and Murray Cod using multidisciplinary approaches such as population genetics, comparative genomics, cytogenetics, and otolith microchemistry. Before starting his PhD in 2016, Foyez, worked as a research assistant focusing on the detection of enterovirulent strains of Escherichia coli bacteria in shrimp farms of Bangladesh using molecular methods such as PCR. Foyez enjoys photography, playing soccer, folk music, cooking, and watching movies.

ResearchGate link: https://www.researchgate.net/profile/Foyez-Shams