About Us

Working collaboratively to achieve conservation outcomes through environmental DNA technology.

Who are We?

EcoDNA is a research group focusing on the application of environmental DNA technology for biodiversity conservation in Australia and the Asia-Pacific region. Based at the University of Canberra, within the Institute for Applied Ecology, we focus on collaborative research and partnerships which accelerate engagement and uptake of eDNA technology for wildlife management and conservation. We are committed to delivering research rigour and quality services to partners and end-users through a team of dedicated eDNA scientists and world-class laboratory facilities.


In 2013, the Invasive Animals Cooperative Research Centre (now the Centre for Invasive Species Solutions) funded the Project 1.W.2 New eDNA Surveillance for Multiple High Risk Invasive Aquatic Species, based at the Institute for Applied Ecology, University of Canberra, Australia. The project developed a quantitative framework of targeted species detection and demonstrated eDNA as a highly effective tool for detecting established pests in Australia. Since then, the project team has become leaders in eDNA application and research in Australia and the Pacific, publishing numerous peer-reviewed journal articles and partnering with various agencies for improved monitoring and enhanced biosecurity through eDNA.